Have you noticed that the best conversations always happen in the kitchen? As the famous saying goes: food is a universal language that people from any part of the world can relate to and enjoy. In our menu, we constantly experiment with flavours and textures, and use different cooking techniques and styles to bring you the best of the Asian street food culture. One thing is key: we cook whatever the f*ck we feel like. Trust us, you’re gonna love it!

All our dishes consist of small details and a lot of ingredients. Every single one of them is a part of the ultimate and correct experience of the dish.

In our restaurant you can always choose from meat, fish, or vegetarian dishes. Due to the use of signature ingredients such as soy, sesame, and dairy products, we cannot offer a fully vegan or gluten-free menu. You can always check our menu to see if there are dishes that align with your allergies and/or dietary preferences. Of course, we can always omit certain ingredients from dishes. However, it's not possible for us to completely change dishes. 

When in doubt whether we are able to serve you, do contact us by phone. You can reach us from Wednesday until Saturday from 4.30 p.m. until 9 p.m. on 013 303 1871 or send us an e-mail at